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Full-scale Interior Design Project

Tailor made approach to create your new home


7-Steps Interior design process

Villas & Apartments 

The Phases below illustrate descriptions of the my work as Interior Designer

1. First meeting

At first, we organise a meeting with you on site or online. The first meeting is very important to find out your preferences, lifestyle, habits, and what kind of interior you dream of. It is also important to find out what you don’t like about the existing interior and avoid repeating it in creating your ideal home.


These details give us a general idea of the future interior and form the basis for next steps.


2. Conceptual phase & Layout


We measure the property and work on two optimal and functional options for the layout of the house with furniture arrangement. We also create a general concept and color scheme that will serve as a guideline during the development of the design project.

3. Working drawings


This is the technical documentation of the project; it includes a set of drawings according to which construction companies implement the project. It allows you to accurately prepare work estimates for builders and minimize additional work in the estimate. Working drawings include:


Measurement plan

Layout with furniture arrangement

Demolition and Construction plan

Floor plan with electricity equipment

Wall finishing plan

Ceiling plan

Floor plan with tile

Plumbing drawings

Drawings of custom furniture elements and cabinets

Wall finishes

Kitchen layout with equipment and details

plan electrique.png

4. Selection of finishing materials


We select finishing materials, order all samples for presentation and agreement with our customer. Finishing materials include:

Tiles, porcelain tiles, marble, onyx, stone, parquet boards...

Wall coverings, Wallpaper, Paint, Decorative panels and moldings, baseboards...

Plumbing and all necessary accessories

Interior doors and door fittings

Wood and MDF products to order

Kitchen: backsplash, countertop, cabinet doors and fittings

Sockets, switches

5. Selection of furniture, lamps, textiles and accessories


At this stage we are developing a detailed proposal with furniture and accessories. The presentation is carried out in A3, which shows all items we have selected with photos, sizes and prices for each room.


We select furniture in the style chosen with the customer and in harmony with the colors and finishes of the project. We have reliable suppliers in Europe and USA who supply high-quality furniture and provide custom-made furniture.

6. 3D visualization


At this stage, you get the opportunity to see a photorealistic image of the future interior, as well as a combination of selected materials, colors, furniture and decor.

7. Budget Estimate


The next important step is consultation with construction, kitchen, carpentry, and other companies to calculate estimates for renovation work. We create a summary table with all costs associated with interior design renovation. This stage allows you to see the overall picture of the financial side of the project. The calculation includes construction work, building materials, finishing materials, plumbing, carpentry, kitchen, and everything else that was agreed during the development of the design. We discuss all expenses with the client and adjust the list.

8. Cost of the design project


The cost of a design project is calculated individually and depends on the level of complexity of the project and its surface. Universal payment terms:


Advance payment 50% after signing the Agreement

30% After approval and reception of Working Drawings

20% After approval and reception of 3D and Furniture Proposal.

Further Steps

1. Concierge service


With Concierge shopping you save your time because we take in charge all the purchasing and order management for your new interior. 


Once all items have been delivered to our warehouse, we will arrange a one day delivery and installation.


We make this process easy and stress-free, delivering and installing all items in your new home in 1 day. On this day, we arrive together with a delivery team to bring all the furniture and accessories to the house, unpack each item, assemble, if necessary (table, bed, etc.), place the items in their places, and take away all unnecessary packaging.


2. Supervision during works


To ensure that the implementation of the design project goes smoothly and without surprises, we provide designer supervision. During renovation work, we come to the site once a week, answer questions from the builders, check the work for compliance with the design project, and do painting tests. If changes are necessary, we offer optimal solutions that work with the idea and harmony of the design project.


3. Construction and engineering work


My company works with experienced construction teams. When implementing complex construction work, we cooperate with the Architect, who is the project manager and coordinates and organizes all participants on the site.

The price for our service depends on the surface of your home, volume of works, deadlines, complexity of project and personal requests from client.

You can leave us a request for price and we will send a quotation for your project in 24 hours. 

Have more questions? Feel free to contact us

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