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Interior design Architecture

Full-scale Interior Design Project

Design project from scratch includes floor plans, wiring and plumbing solutions, built-in furniture and kitchen, finishing materials proposal and selection of furniture, lighting and accessories.

Time frame to prepare an interior design project depends on the surface and the complexity of the project. Usually it takes from 3 to 6 weeks. 

Tailor made approach to create your new home

How it works?


Let us get you know

Let us know about your project: what is your time limit and budget? What do you expect from your new home?


Send us your current floor plan or just give us an idea of the surface.

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The main purpose of interior design project is to find the most comfortable and harmonious solution for your interior.


In order to create an interior that meets your expectations we will be discussing with you on the very first meeting your style preferences, favorite colors, finishing materials and textile. 


We will cover all important details of your project. For example, maybe you would like to keep some furniture from your previous home – just let us know and we will find the best place for in your new interior.  


Design Process

At this stage we are developing your project, getting more detailed. The design project gives you an idea of your future interior. Creating new interior is an exciting process and we want you to be the part of it! We are happy to have your feedback, because interior is like haute couture clothes, it needs to be individually tailored for each client. 


Design Project includes the floor plan, selection of finishing materials, lighting schemes, selection of bathroom equipment, kitchen and selection of built-in and loose furniture, lighting and accessories. 

architecture process

What you get?

floor plan design interior

2 lay out proposals

mood board design interior

Board with selected


mood board furniture interior

Board with selected furniture, lighting and 


3D realization interior

Concept approval and

3D Visualization

quote furniture and accessories

Quote with detailed description

furniture delivering


Concierge Shopping

With Concierge shopping you save your time because we take in charge all the purchasing and order management for your new interior. 


We make this process easy and stress-free, delivering and installing all items in your new home in 1 day.


your new


home design french riviera


The price for our service depends on the surface of your home, volume of works, deadlines, complexity of project and personal requests from client.

You can leave us a request for price and we will send a quotation for your project in 24 hours. 

Have more questions? Feel free to contact us

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